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elona therapy is the two-sided digital health application for treating depression and anxiety disorders that accompanies you during your therapy.

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The challenge

Today therapy only takes place in the therapy room

A therapy session lasts 50 minutes. That is not much time when you consider that there are around 7,000 waking minutes between two therapy sessions, which can be used to transfer therapy into everyday life.

With elona therapy, you take a step in the right direction every day

Our intelligent algorithm helps you to individualize your treatment plan. Find out how elona therapy can help you intensify your therapy in everyday life.

For more information on how Elona Therapy can help you during your therapy, please visit here.


Day of meeting

Focus on your hour.

On the day of your therapy session, the focus is on your session: elona therapy reminds you of your appointment and shows you all the exercises you have done during the week.


Reflexion of therapy

Look back to move forward.

The day after your therapy session, you have the opportunity to reflect on your previous session and thus give feedback to your therapist.



Continue your therapy.

Complete an exercise that builds on the content of the previous session.



Just switch off.

Today, your daily task consists only of a short checkup. Why not take some time for yourself afterwards?



Strengthen the past.

Repeat an exercise that you worked on some time ago to better understand your depression or anxiety disorder.



Give structure to your day.

Perhaps Elona Therapy today suggests planning an activity. You can then rate how your mood has developed.


Day before the session

See what you've achieved, prepare yourself.

Take a look at all the exercises you've worked on this week and write down questions or thoughts for the next session.

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More features in elona therapy



Record questions and thoughts and be reminded of them by elona therapy before the next therapy session.



Mark particularly helpful exercises as favorites so that you can work on preventing relapse at an early stage.



Learn important terms in psychotherapy to get a better understanding of the methods.



You can find all completed exercises in the journal so that you can read, reflect on or comment on them.



Get insights into how your mood develops and which activities influence your mood.


Basic resources

If you're feeling unwell, Elona Therapy reminds you of your basic resources to support you.

Which diseases can be treated with elona therapy


(ICD-10: F32.x, F33.x, F34.x)
In the Depression module, you will look at the development and maintenance of your depression, the role of activities in your behavior, your thinking traps and automatic thoughts, your emotions, and the role of social relationships.

The focus is on exercises and techniques that help you deal with your depression. elona therapy helps you practice and use them regularly.

Anxiety & Panic

(ICD-10: F40.x, F41.x, F45.2)
In the Anxiety & Panic module, you can gain and deepen background knowledge about various anxiety disorders. Using exercises, you will become familiar with the role of thoughts and emotions in anxiety disorders and develop them for your anxiety.

Further exposure and acceptance exercises can help you find and practice a different way of dealing with your anxiety.



  • Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (F32.-, F33.-, F34.-)
  • Manic episode (ICD-10: F30)
  • Bipolar affective disorder with hypomanic or manic episodes (ICD-10: F31.1, F31.2, F31.5, F31.6, F31.8, F31.9)
  • Depressive episode with psychotic symptoms (ICD-10: F32.3, F33.3)
  • Acute suicidal risk

Information on hardware and software compatibility can be found in our faqs in the resource center.

Elona Therapy Depression

How do I get a prescription for
elona therapy?


Get prescription for elona therapy Depression

Are you already being treated for depression? In this case, your therapist can simply issue you an appropriate prescription for elona therapy Depression.


Submit a regulation and receive an activation code

You send this regulation to your health insurance company by post or app. After the prescription has been submitted, you will receive the activation code for elona therapy depression. Alternatively, you can also entrust us with the submission of your regulation. We will submit all documents for you free of charge. You will then receive the code conveniently from your cash register.


Download the app and connect with therapist

Download Elona Therapy from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store Download it free of charge and enter the activation code from your health insurance company in the app. During registration, the system asks you to connect to your therapist. In addition, you will receive a connection code from him/her so that you can connect your accounts. Enter this connection code in the app as well. After successful pairing, therapy support can begin with elona therapy. You can find out more about getting started with Elona Therapy in our FAQs.


Are you interested? Take part in our clinical studies

In collaboration with our research partners, we continuously conduct clinical studies to evaluate elona therapy. Would you like to try Elona Therapy? Then feel free to sign up to participate.

More about research

What elona therapy users say

* The names were pseudonymized.

By working with the app, I've regained so much of my quality of life over the last few weeks and noticed how carefree I can go through life again.


Manuela B.

With the app, you can deal with your problems on your own much more often. I don't have to wait until the next session, but I think more and more often: “Okay, maybe I can even help myself with this situation alone with Elona Therapy.


Aylin S.

Access to the app has given me more independence. I had the feeling that I could also deal with a problem between sessions without having to wait a whole week for the next session. I loved the app. The content was very interesting and practical.


Sebastián L.

Elona Therapy has totally helped me sort and reset myself. The mix of therapy talks plus exercises in the app was really great. You only need a few minutes a day and you have great preparation for the next session.


Jonas T.

In therapy without Elona Therapy, you go home after the session and are alone for a week. But with the app, you have even more support. It did me a lot of good.


Anne V

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Interlinked therapy

elona therapy
for therapists

As a counterpart to the native smartphone app, therapists use an intuitive web application — directly in the browser and without installation.

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