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The first blended psychotherapy

With elona therapy, your patients can extend the therapeutic content from their therapy session into everyday life.

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The challenge

Adherence to therapy is low, relapse rates are high

We want you to be able to support your patients in the best possible way on their way to a fuller and happier life. However, unsatisfactory patient sovereignty and adherence to treatment often get in the way. Homework is often not completed, and therapy motivation decreases. This also influences important action factors such as the therapeutic relationship, which leads to high relapse rates after therapy.

of all patients are not compliant to behavioral therapy according to their therapists.

up to 65%

of people with depression or anxiety disorders relapse after completing their treatment.


Die firsts digital health application that fully interlinks therapy

Basic content

Basic psychoeducation provided to your patients based on their diagnosis.

Therapy planning

Unlock therapeutic content in sync with treatment progress to individualize therapy.


Gain insights into your patients' symptoms and disease progression.


Disorder-specific psychoeducation at the start

Based on the diagnosis you have provided, your patients have access to basic content to understand treatment processes, learn more about their disorder or formulate treatment goals.


Therapy planning

Unlock therapeutic content after therapy sessions

Choose from a total of almost 400 therapeutic content depending on the module (depression or anxiety & panic) and provide your patients with additional multimedia, guideline-based and manual-based content.



Get insights, notice change

Get insights into the development of your patients' mood and symptoms, as well as the progress made in working on the exercises. In elona therapy, you can also carry out follow-up checks, for example to observe developments on the BDI-II scale. The progress monitoring is carried out in cooperation with Pearson Clinical and Hogrefe.


Content in eLoNa therapy

Guideline and manual-based, multimedia content for your patients

Get to know a few examples from the almost 400 therapeutic resources in elona therapy, which you can make available to your patients simply by clicking on them. You can find more information about the content and our sources here:


The vicious circle of fear

Anxiety module

Patients learn more about the connections between perception, thoughts, feelings and body processes in anxiety situations.

Behavioral experiments


Anxiety module

In a controlled, safe environment, patients can conduct behavioral experiments, such as hyperventilation, in consultation with their therapists to better understand their physical responses.

Thought experiments

Lemon exercise

Depression module

In the lemon exercise, patients feel the connection between thoughts and physical reactions and transfer their findings to negative thoughts and feelings as part of their depression.

Models and schemes

The vulnerability stress model using the barrel metaphor

Depression module

Using models, such as the vulnerability stress model, patients are introduced to psychotherapeutic concepts that, for example, help them understand the development of their depression and become aware of potential stressors.

Calm down

What is relaxation?

Relaxation module

Explanatory texts and questions help patients to reflect on their own experiences with relaxation and to focus on positive activities.

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Which symptoms with Elona Therapy treatable are

elona therapy for


The following ICD-10 codes can be treated with elona therapy for depression:
F32.x, F33.x, F34.x.


elona therapy for

Anxiety & Panic

The following ICD-10 codes can be treated with elona therapy for anxiety & panic:
F40.x, F41.x, F45.2.


elona therapy for


The following ICD-10 codes can be treated with elona therapy for compulsions:

Available soon

elona therapy for

somatoform disorders

The following ICD-10 codes can be treated with elona therapy for somatoform disorders: F45.x.

Available soon


  • Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (F32.-, F33.-, F34.-)
  • Manic episode (ICD-10: F30)
  • Bipolar affective disorder with hypomanic or manic episodes (ICD-10: F31.1, F31.2, F31.5, F31.6, F31.8, F31.9)
  • Depressive episode with psychotic symptoms (ICD-10: F32.3, F33.3)
  • Acute suicidal risk

Information on hardware and software compatibility can be found in our faqs in the resource center.

Regulation as DiGA

Prescribe elona therapy Depression on prescription

How to prescribe elona therapy Depression as a medical or psychological psychotherapist for diagnosed depression:

Issue a prescription (sample 16) or doctor's letter

elona therapy Depression can be prescribed extrabudgetary by medical and psychological psychotherapists, including medical and psychological psychotherapists, using the name “Elona Therapy Depression” (name of DiGA), as well as the PZN 18458314. Templates can be found in our resource center.

Patient submits prescription to health insurance and receives an activation code

The prescription is submitted by your patient in the usual way (by post, via app). The health insurance company then sends a 16-digit activation code directly to your patient. The costs are covered by all statutory and many private funds. More information for your patients on how to redeem prescriptions will soon be available here.

Patient:in downloads the app and connects with you

Your patient downloads elona therapy from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and enters the activation code. During registration, the system asks for a connection to the practitioner. After successful pairing, therapy support can begin with elona therapy. For more information about pairing, see your Registration for Elona Therapy.

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elona therapy case study

Find out more about how Elona Therapy can already be used in everyday therapy today.

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This is what therapists who currently use elona therapy say

elona therapy is a modern extension to everyday therapy. The smartphone is always with you and can be used as a helpful addition to therapy sessions using the app. For example, it replaces paper and pen for monitoring tasks and lowers the inhibition to work on therapeutic topics in everyday situations. I find functions such as reminders, an overview of the next treatment appointment and the collection of interactive tasks to be clear, useful and helpful for achieving the set therapy goals.


Leo Berger

elona therapy provides my patients and me with helpful support in everyday therapeutic life to better anchor, expand and repeat the content of therapy. The patients' independent, regular therapeutic work is promoted. Elona therapy thus also creates a valuable addition to relapse prevention, for example.


Lena M.

A great therapy tool for simplifying VT sessions and as a supplement between the individual hours. elona therapy helps me to better address the individual topics of the patients during the session.


Sandra R.

For me, elona therapy is psychotherapy in the digital age. It is like a therapist's extended arm and fills the time between hours.


Marcel Leclerc

When working with Elona Therapy, I am just as autonomous in designing my therapy as before and at the same time I have a gift basket of therapeutic exercises from which I can give my patients one to take home at any time


Elisabeth Bauer

elona therapy is a helpful support for therapy and offers lots of well-explained psychoeducational content for patients that can be used for preparation or follow-up between sessions.


Julia F.

Elona therapy for pIaS

Are you a psychotherapist in training?

elona therapy can particularly support psychotherapists in training. Find out exactly how here.

Our claim

Our solutions comply with the highest standards of the Medical Devices Ordinance

Medical quality is one of our pillars in the development of our products. In doing so, we value compliance with current regulations and the use of effective therapeutic methods.

Common questions about
Elona Therapy

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Further technical information

Instructions for use, purpose, and more can be found in our resource center.

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elona therapy case study

Find out in our case study how elona therapy can already be used in everyday therapy today.

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