Our basic understanding

Psychological-medical quality

We attach great importance to the psychological-medical quality of our digital health application and guarantee this through our comprehensive development process.

Guideline-based & manual-based

Evidence-based and proven content

Our digital health applications are based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Our content is tried and tested in practice and is based on therapeutic guidelines and established treatment manuals.

User-centred design

Focus on usability

The usability of our application is paramount. That is why we developed the application together with patients and psychotherapists in a co-creation process.

“Blended Therapy”

Blended therapy as a conceptual basis

elona therapy uses the concept of “interlinked therapy” (also known as “blended therapy”). Numerous studies prove the effectiveness of integrated psychotherapy and show increased effects compared to conventional psychotherapy.

Certified medical devices

Our psychological-medical development process

The quality of our digital health applications has an immense impact on the success of psychotherapeutic treatment and is therefore our top priority. All psychological or medical content therefore goes through a defined process and is regularly checked to ensure that it is up to date.


We always follow the recognized guidelines of professional associations for the treatment of mental disorders.


We review specialist psychological journals and take current research results into account.


We use the six-eyes principle. Each content is reviewed by at least three experts and approved by our Chief Medical Officer.

Interlinked psychotherapy

People and digital: the best of both worlds

Personal contact

The human relationship between qualified psychotherapists and their patients is the basis of interlinked psychotherapy. Personal treatment by experts is associated with a high level of empathy, understanding and trust. We rely on the experience of therapists to ensure the greatest possible individuality of treatment.

Digital interaction

Our digital health applications bring therapy into everyday life and complement the therapeutic relationship. In this way, we achieve a higher availability of therapeutic resources without restricting the individuality of treatment. Our solutions adapt to treatment progress and progress at any time and support patients and therapists.

Medical quality at Elona Health

Meet our team

The psychological-medical quality of our products is ensured by a broad team of psychological psychotherapists, scientists and experts.

Prof. Dr. Peter

Psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, lecturer

from Lobenstein

Psychological psychotherapist

Quality assurance by experts

Our scientific advisory board

All our studies and product decisions are actively supported by members of our scientific advisory board.

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